Before & After Photos


  •  59-year old female patient
  •  It is definitely better to be at or close to your goal weight when undergoing a body contouring procedure but with a busy life style, it isn’t always possible to get to gym as frequently as one should and follow that stringent healthy low carb meal plan
  • This patient wanted to feel more comfortable when shopping for clothing. We did a full abdominoplasty to enhance her figure and give her more confidence. This surgery flattens the abdomen by removing extra fat and skin, and tightening muscles in your abdominal wall
  •  Patients with excess skin which does not respond to diet or exercise will benefit from this procedure
  • Pictures taken 6 weeks after the surgery 




Face Lift

  • Patient is a 66 year-old female
  • Patient was concerned about the sagging of her lower face, prominence of jowels and excess skin giving her a turkey neck appearance. She was also unhappy with the bags under her eyelids. The loss of elasticity and loss of volume results in sagging of the facial soft tissues.
  • To improve on these, a face and neck lift with a lower eyelid tuck was performed in the rooms under conscious sedation. She recovered better and faster by not opting for a general anaesthetic.
  • The after photos were taken 6 weeks after surgery