The DW Skin & Body series hosted by Dr. Deon Weyers – A plastic and reconstructive surgeon from Fourways, Johannesburg. This week, Dr. Deon Weyers chats more about the B Lite Silicon Implants.

“Developed to overcome the limitations of traditional breast implants by considerably reducing gravitational stress, B-Lite® applies groundbreaking technology, combining well known and clinically proven materials in an innovative way to provide natural fullness, feel and strength with a significantly lighter implant weight. B-Lite® implants are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, to accommodate the wide variety of patient needs and preferences,” (Polytech Health Aesthetics). Click for more information on B Lite Silicone Implants.

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Video transcript:

I’m Deon Weyers, and today I’m going to tell you more about B Lite Silicone implants.

In the female breast, the breast gland is supported high up on a chest wall by internal ligaments. These internal ligaments become stretched and they lose the elasticity as the breast ages, something, which is then accelerated by events such as pregnancy where the breast is enlarged in preparation for breast feeding but also with weight fluctuations where there’s a inflation and deflation effect on the size, volume, but also the weight of the breast. Some women might request a breast lift procedure, where the breast is re-positioned in it’s more pre-pregnancy, youthful state.

When we do a breast enlargement with using either fat or an implant we increase the size or volume of the breast but also the weight of the breast.

This is a regular, silicone gel implant. This high profile on a round base implant is a 360 CC or mill implant and it weighs about 360 grams. In B Lite silicone implants, the technology is such that the weight is 30% less than its silicone equivalent in size. In other words this 360 CC B Lite implant weighs 30% lower than its 360 regular silicone implant equivalent, making B Lite implants more desirable in woman where you want to delay the long term sagging and drooping effects and the aging effects of the breast and also woman who want just overall lighter feel when they’ve had an implant based breast enhancement.

I hope you found this video on B Lite implants useful.

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