Sculptra – Collagen

What is Sculptra®?

Sculptra is a poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) bio stimulator, prompting a controlled and organic buildup of collagen around the injection site. Over time, this collagen deposition progresses gradually and can persist for up to 25 months without additional intervention. The outcome of Sculptra treatment is enhanced skin thickness and firmness, rejuvenating lost structural support typically depleted with ageing.

How Does Sculptra® Work?

Sculptra triggers the skin’s collagen production, offering a naturally rejuvenated appearance lasting up to 25 months. This treatment is ideal for individuals experiencing thin, lax, or drooping skin, aiming to revitalize thickness and volume. Sculptra relies on poly-L-lactic acid to incite an inflammatory response within tissues, prompting the natural deposition of collagen. Results may require patience as this process leverages the body’s intrinsic ability to generate collagen. However, long-term satisfaction is consistently reported, with over 80% of patients remaining content after 25 months.

What Are The Key Benefits Of Sculptra® Treatments?

Sculptra® provides long-lasting improvement of wrinkles, skin laxity and volume defects with other benefits including:

  1. Long-lasting Results: Sculptra provides gradual and enduring outcomes, with effects lasting up to 25 months.
  2. Natural-Looking Rejuvenation: By activating the body’s collagen production, Sculptra naturally enhances skin fullness and firmness without altering facial features.
  3. Treatment Versatility: Sculptra is suitable for addressing various concerns such as thin, loose, or sagging skin, helping to restore thickness and volume in targeted areas.
  4. High Patient Satisfaction: Clinical studies have shown that a significant majority of patients, approximately 80%, express satisfaction with Sculptra even long after treatment.
  5. Recommendation-Worthy: An impressive 100% of participants in clinical trials would recommend Sculptra to a friend, indicating high levels of satisfaction and confidence in the treatment.

Which Areas Can Sculptra® Injections Treat?

  • Sculptra® is primarily administered on the face, with the most frequent treatments focusing on facial rejuvenation.
  • For body enhancements, Sculptra® can effectively target “Butt Lift” procedures, Abdominal areas, and Upper arms, addressing concerns like “bat wings.”

Sculptra® for Facial Rejuvenation

Discerning consumers seek treatments that deliver tangible results in a market saturated with anti-ageing remedies, ranging from topical creams to ingestible supplements. Unlike superficial creams and uncertain supplements, Sculptra® offers a proactive approach to facial ageing by stimulating collagen production at the deepest layers of the skin. This injectable marvel targets the root causes of ageing and orchestrates a rejuvenating symphony within the skin’s depths.

Sculptra® for Body Contouring

In a groundbreaking leap, Sculptra® now extends its transformative touch to body contouring, specifically targeting the buttocks area. Traditionally, buttock enhancement required invasive surgical procedures and extended recovery periods. However, with Sculptra®, the landscape of body sculpting has evolved. By firming and tightening buttock tissue non-surgically, Sculptra® offers a revolutionary alternative to conventional methods.

*Dr Deon is a Key Opinion Leader (trainer) for Galderma South Africa, VASER Lipo & Renuvion with a special interest in Regenerative Medicine/Stemcell Therapy.


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