Face Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Are you considering a face plastic surgery procedure? How can it change your appearance and boost your self-confidence? Face plastic surgery can enhance natural beauty, restore youthful features, and correct imperfections. To help you visualise the possible incredible transformations, we’ve gathered a collection of before and after photos showcasing the remarkable results of various facial procedures Dr. Deon Weyers’s specialises in.

Tips to Identify the Transformations Illustrated in Face Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos


  • Before: Sagging skin, deep wrinkles, and a tired appearance.
  • After: Tightened facial contours, diminished wrinkles, and a rejuvenated, youthful look.

Lip Lift Augmentation:

  • Before: Thin lips that lack definition.
  • After: Fuller, plumper lips that enhance facial attractiveness.

Brow Lift:

  • Before: A heavy, furrowed brow causing an aged appearance.
  • After: A smoother, more youthful forehead and revitalised eyes.

Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery):

  • Before: Droopy eyelids and under-eye bags.
  • After: Brighter, more open eyes with a refreshed, alert expression.

Rhinoplasty (Nose Job):

  • Before: A nose with a prominent hump and asymmetry.
  • After: A beautifully refined nose that harmonises with facial proportions.

Otoplasty (Ear Surgery):

  • Before: Prominent or misshapen ears.
  • After: Well-shaped, naturally positioned ears that blend seamlessly.

Additional Benefits of Face Plastic Surgery

  1. Enhanced Confidence: These before and after photos demonstrate how facial plastic surgery can significantly improve self-esteem and body image.
  2. Natural Results: Skilled surgeons, such as Dr Deon Weyers, prioritise natural-looking results, ensuring you’ll look like the best version of yourself.
  3. Long-lasting Transformations: Many facial procedures offer results that can last for years, providing enduring benefits.
  4. Customised Solutions: Every individual’s face is unique, and plastic surgery can be tailored to your needs and desires.
  5. Emotional Well-being: Improved physical appearance often leads to increased emotional well-being, positively impacting various aspects of your life.

More on Dr. Deon Weyers’s Surgical Expertise for your Before and After Transformation

Dr. Deon Weyers is widely regarded as one of Johannesburg’s premier plastic surgeons, a distinction that extends to his reputation as a leading cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon in South Africa. Dr Deon Weyers is renowned for utilising the world’s most advanced and effective medical procedures and surgical techniques. His expertise encompasses a range of facial, breast and body surgical procedures, to name a few. Dr. Weyer’s passion for cosmetic procedures led him to obtain additional experience and training in 360 Vaser Lipo in Columbia, and he has been instrumental in introducing and specialises in the very popular Mommy Makeover procedure in South Africa. All surgical procedures are performed at his plastic and reconstructive practice in Sandton, Johannesburg.