How much Botox will I need?

Botox by Dr. Deon Weyers

Just like we measure tablets in milligrams (mg), we measure Botox in Units (iu) and different facial muscles need different dosages to relax them, resulting in a softening of wrinkles of facial expression

The effect is dosage dependent: excessive/ too high dosages will cause complete paralysis of these muscles, leading to a frozen unnatural appearance. Too little Botox again will result in little improvement with no effect at all. The goal is to still have expression but not to have the wrinkles associated with them

The cost of the treatment is also determined by the total amount of Botox used

This diagram shows the average amount of Botox toxin needed to soften expression lines of different areas in the face. Read more about the Botox treatment performed by Dr. Deon Weyers.


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