Fat Transfer Johannesburg

Fat Transfer Surgery By Dr Deon Weyers In Johannesburg

Fat transfer surgery is when your own fat is used as an implant for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Repeated treatments may be necessary to achieve the desired results. In order to be a candidate for fat injections, patients must have excess fat in another part of the body from which to harvest the fat injection.

Is This Surgery For Me?

This procedure is recommended for patients:

  • If you have facial areas that appear creased and sunken
  • If you desire more permanent correction than is provided by temporary fillers
  • If you looking to rejuvenate your hands and face
  • To fill in contour irregularities or hide obvious signs of breast implants

How is a Fat Transfer Performed?

During this procedure, the fatty tissue is put through treatments and then reinjected into a different part of the body. Fat transfer is a long procedure. The harvesting and treatment of the fat before reinjection adds theatre time to the procedure but these steps are essential in patient satisfaction. As with any surgical procedure, there are risks. The most significant risk associated with Fat Transfer is the survival rate of the implanted fat. Techniques today yield a fat survival rate in the 80% range, meaning surgical results are more predictable than ever before. You will need to discuss in detail all the surgical risks during the consultation process at Fourways Life Hospital, Sandton.

Healing and Recovery

Swelling and bruising will be present for 3 to 5 days and subside after 2 weeks after the treatment and normal routines can resume after 4 weeks.

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