What is a Vampire Facial?
This treatment is a combination of micro-needling followed by the application of PRP ( platelet rich plasma). The PRP is derived from a portion of the blood which contains platelets. The platelets contain high levels of growth factors, which stimulate cell turnover.

Does it hurt?
A superficial numbing cream will be used 30 minutes prior to the treatment over the entire treatment area to numb the area. There might be small areas that will still be sensitive.

How long does it take?
First we need to draw blood in order to obtain the platelets from the blood. This procedure can take up to 10min. Micro-needling is then done in a time frame of 20-30min where the PRP can be applied over the treated area or injected into the skin superficially.

What are the main benefits?
As platelets contain high levels of growth factors which stimulates cell turnover it works very well in boosting collagen as well as elastin. This will give you a smoother skin texture and also help with the appearance of fines lines and wrinkles.

How often can you do it?
A vampire facial can be done every 6 weeks. We do recommend a series of 3 consecutive treatments and then a maintenance treatment 6 monthly.

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