Breast Augmentation

This is a surgical procedure, also referred to as a “boob job”, increases the size of the breasts or to create symmetry between them. This usually involves placing an implant either under the breast tissue or the chest muscle behind the breast. Dr Deon Weyers will discuss your desired outcome and possible approaches to achieve your desired result. Options to discuss include:

  • Desired size
  • Possible incision areas
  • Type of implant (textured vs. smooth; round vs. anatomical)
  • Personal limitations (skin quality, current breast size, tissue coverage)

Is this Surgery for Me?

If you have:

  • Uneven size of breasts
  • Small breasts
  • loss of shape and volume
  • congenital deformity

Healing and recovery

Bruising will subside 1 to 2 weeks post surgery, the majority of swelling will subside 8 weeks post surgery and a full recovery can be expected in up to 6 months. Dr Weyers prefers his patients wearing the post operative bra 6 weeks after surgery and for little exercises to resume after 4 weeks.