Lip Lift South Africa

Lip Lift Surgery South Africa

A surgical lip lift is a procedure where excess skin is removed in a mall incision under the nose. The procedure is to shorten the distance between the top lip and the nose. The result is a shorter, more youthful philtrum appearance and also a bit more visible teeth show when talking and smiling.

Is Lip Lift Surgery for Me?

You should consider lip lift surgery if you are unhappy with the appearance of your lips and want to enhance their shape, size, and proportions. This surgery might be suitable for those bothered by the following:

  • A long distance between the base of your nose and upper lip: If you have a long distance between the base of your nose and upper lip, this can make your upper lip look thin and unproportional. Lip lift surgery can shorten this distance, making your lips look fuller and more defined.
  • The upper lip is thin or flat (flat cupid’s bow): If you have a thin or flat upper lip, lip lift surgery can create a more defined and fuller upper lip, enhancing the appearance of your lips.
  • Unbalance lip proportions: Lip lift surgery can improve the proportions of your lips and create a more balanced and harmonious facial appearance.

Benefits of Lip Lift Surgery

  • Fuller and More Defined Lips;
  • Permanent Results;
  • Improved Lip Proportions;
  • Minimal Scarring and unnoticeable.

How is a Lip Lift Performed?

This surgical treatment involves lifting the upper lip by removing a small strip of skin from the base of the nose, just below the nostrils. This procedure is performed under local anaesthesia. An incision is made at the base of the nose to remove a strip of skin. The remaining skin is then pulled upward, giving the appearance of a fuller upper lip. This is also known as a subnasal lip lift. The procedure can also be performed using a bullhorn technique, where an incision is made in the shape of a bullhorn on the skin just above the upper lip. The skin is then lifted and sutured to create a more defined and fuller upper lip.

Healing And Recovery?

Recovery varies from patient to patient and swelling peaks at around three days after surgery. Numbness and swelling will likely to occur in the first two weeks post-surgery. The area might have slight bruising, but should subside by the second week. The patient should avoid getting moisture on the area until the incision has properly healed and and the stitches are removed between day 10 and 14. Exercise should be avoided for the first two weeks and thereafter a scar treatment program should be started for optimal scar healing. Full recovery can be expected six weeks post-surgery.


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