Hi, I’m Dr. Deon Weyers and today I’m going to tell you more about the difference between a Tummy Tuck and Liposuction

You know that the body changes after pregnancies right? You have a lot of more excess skin and excess tissue in the front of the tummy and some unwanted fatty deposits also around the waist and maybe at the back.

So often women or patients want to know from me what is the best body contouring procedure to go and improve on the contours of the body. And there are two types of procedures we can consider – Liposuction and then what we call excision procedures and a Tummy Tuck is an example of an excision procedure.

So with Liposuction, we make tiny incisions in hidden areas – underneath the panty line, in the belly button – as hidden as possible to give us access to where those unwanted fatty deposits or pockets are situated.

With Liposuction you need good skin and soft tissue – elasticity – so that when you remove the fat, the skin will retract or fall back elastically, maintaining the contour improvement that you achieved. Where the skin and the soft tissue have been stretched beyond its capacity to fall back elastically, doesn’t matter how much Liposuction you do,  you’re just going to create another problem and that’s that of excess skin. So in those cases, a Tummy Tuck will be a better example or better procedure to improve on the contours. So typically in women who have had multiple pregnancies or where they’ve had great weight fluctuations in their adulthood, those are patients who are probably more leaning towards a Tummy Tuck procedure.

The other part of the Tummy Tuck is to go and tighten the abdominal six-pack muscles ’cause remember, with pregnancies the womb enlarges in preparation with the developing baby and then the muscles stretch from each other, creating less support for the abdominal contents so part of a Tummy Tuck procedure is then to go and tighten those muscles again so that you improve the waistline and you also create more support to the abdominal contents.

That’s basically the difference between a Tummy Tuck and a Liposuction procedure. I hope you found this information useful

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