Meet Dr. Deon Weyers – A plastic and reconstructive surgeon from Fourways, Johannesburg. He currently runs his own practice, DW Skin & Body, and offers a series of surgical treatments for your face, breast and body. His reconstructive services cover procedures such as fat transfer, & burns & trauma. His non-surgical services include botox dysport, chemical peels, volumizing fillers and scar management. This video the first in the DW Skin & Body video series where viewers can get to know more about the world of plastic surgery and the many procedures that can be done.

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Video transcript:

I’m Dr. Deon Weyers. I’m a plastic surgeon from Fourways in Johannesburg.

As a plastic surgeon, I’m involved in both reconstruction and cosmetic surgery procedures. On the reconstruction side we repair and restore tissues to a better function and appearance where they might have been affected by illnesses such as Breast Cancer, Skin Cancer and also injuries after trauma but also where an individual might have been born with a certain abnormality like a cleft palate or a cleft lip. On the cosmetic side I do both minimal invasive procedures such as Botox, Fillers, Chemical Peels and Energy based treatments. These are all done in the rooms and then also your more invasive surgical procedures such as Breast Enhancement surgeries, Body Contouring surgeries and also Facial Cosmetic surgeries. My aim in this video series is to inform you more about the latest trends in technology and new innovations in the exciting field of plastic surgery. If you want to see when the next video is uploaded you can subscribe to the channel below and you can also follow my blog on the website at I look forward to seeing you when you tune in.